Fresher Welcome

Continuing the long-stand tradition of the College, MUAS Fresher welcome program was held on June 7, 2019 for the academic year of 2019-2020. The program was organized by senior students which intend to provide a platform where every new student feels welcome, connected, and be part of MUAS family.

As the program was a fun-filled event in nature, new students were grouped in terms of the origin of the school attended and introduced to the audience alternating with entertainment.  The highlight of the night was the crowing of popular King & Queen, voted by students and MUAS King & Queen, voted by students and winners based on Q&A points earned.  Jovial smiles and high spirits marked that program was fun, enjoyable and satisfying. Enjoy the highlight of the night with the following pictures.

MUAS King and Queen
MUAS King, Paing Paing Kyaw (left) and MUAS Queen, Nuampi ( right)
Popular King and Queen
Popular King, Nyi Nyi Zin (left) and Popular Queen, Nway Nway Hlaing (right)


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