Bachelor of Theology

Mission Statement
To prepare young people for pastoral ministry, and for the teaching of Bible in denominational schools of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Myanmar.

This program is intended to provide professional training for the students to prepare them to become
effective spiritual leaders in the church and community. The specific objectives of the program are as follow:
(1) To acquaint a student with the life and teachings of Jesus, as well as the teachings of the Bible;
(2) To familiarize students with a knowledge of world religions;
(3) To teach them how to contextualize their witness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
(4) To provide knowledge of, and appreciation for the history and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Applicants who are planning to do this program must meet the following requirements:
(1) Must complete grade 12 Program
(2) Must come up with enthusiasm in the field of Religion/Theology
(3) Must have demonstrated English Proficiency

To complete the Bachelor of Theology (B Th) program, students are to meet the following requirements:
(1) Students must complete 104 semester hours of course work specified in the program within a
maximum of 8 Calendar years.
(2) For graduation a minimum GPA 2.50 is required
(3) Must be a Master Guide graduate

Practical Work Requirements: Non-credit requirements of 500 hours are stipulated as follow:
 Canvassing (120 hours): Canvassing for one summer meets this requirement.
 Evangelism (180 hours): Participating or leading in an evangelistic meeting for two weeks earns 60 hours and beyond 2 weeks earns 120 hours.
 Church Ministry (120 hours): Assisting or leading in various churches in/out reach activities for two semesters.
 Pastoral Work (80 hours): Assisting pastor in his ministerial task for one semester meets 80 hours.

A total of 132 semester units of course work is required and it is distributed in the followings:
General Education Courses 25 (16 overlap hours)
Courses in Biblical Studies 22
Courses in Biblical Languages 6
Courses in Biblical, Theological, Historical Studies 64
Electives 15
Total Required Hours 132 units

Old Testament Theology: 11 units
RELB 301 Advanced Apocalyptic Literature (Daniel) (2)
RELB 401 Hebrew Prophets (3)
RELB 402 Hebrew Prophets (3)
RELB 415 Pentateuch (3)

New Testament Theology: 11 units
RELB 225 Jesus and the Gospels (3)
RELB 302 Advanced Apocalyptic Literature (Revelation) (2)
RELB 325 Pauline Epistles (3)
RELB 326 Pauline Epistles (3)

Biblical Language Studies
Biblical Language: 6 units
RELL 201-202 Biblical Greeks (6)
RELL 203-204 Biblical Hebrew

Biblical – Theological – Historical Studies
Biblical – Theological and Christian Philosophy: 12 units
RELB 316 Advanced Study in Spirit of Prophecy (3)
RELB 405, 406 Christian Theology (6)
RELB 481 Hermeneutics (3)

Church History: 8 units
RELH 243 The Rise of Modern Adventism and History of SDA in Asia (3)
RELH 301 History of Christian Church (3)
RELH 487 History of the Church in Asia (2)

Pastoral – Missiological Studies
Health: 3 units
HLED 121 Principles of Health (3)

Church and Ministry: 37 units
EDUC 210 Integrating Faith and Learning (3)
RELP 215 Personal Evangelism (3)
RELP 286 Worship and Church Music (2)
EDUC 301 Philosophy of Adventist Education (3)
RELP 329 Healing Ministry and Natural Remedies (3)
RELP 351, 352 Fundamental and Methodology of Preaching (6)
RELP 364 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (3)
RELP 384 Field Visitation (3)
RELP 462 Church Administration, Stewardship and finance (3)
RELP 481 Pastor’s Personal Formation (3)
RELP 482 Pastoral Counseling (3)

World Mission: 3 units
RELR 372 Buddhism (3)
Electives: 15 units
RELP 162 Introduction to Youth Ministry (2)
RELH 203 Biblical Archaeology (3)
RELR 282 Primitive Religion (3)
RELR 316 Asian Religion (3)
RELP 342 Youth Counseling (2)
RELP 372 Principle and Process of Church Growth (2)
RELR 373 Tripidaka (3)
RELR 374 Hinduism (3)
RELR 375 Islam (3)
RELR 386 Philosophy of Religion (3)
RELP 411 Mission Anthropology (2)
RELB 412 Sanctuary Service (3)
RELB 416 Eschatology (3)
RELB 417 The Book of Hebrew (2)
RELB 495, 496 Seminar in Religion (1- 4)
RELB 497, 8 Research in Religion (1- 3)

This degree program is intended for those who have completed grade 12 and who are willing to obtain basic knowledge of Theology in preparing themselves to become Pastors, Evangelists, Bible teachers and Chaplains in Seventh-day Adventist church. This program of study also becomes a ground for them to enter Master of Theology Degree program.