MUAS Library aims to support the Seminary’s Curriculum in producing socially oriented Christian educators equipped with theories and research skills, in order to contribute to a more humane, responsive and just social order.

The Library is committed to the following Vision, Mission and Goal:


To provide humane, efficient and effective delivery of library and information services.


The mission of MUAS Library is to facilitate and enhance learning by providing resources and services that are essential for research and knowledge in various fields of study.  It provides students with a basic instruction in library usage and access to adequate facilities and personnel to meet their class requirements and to store up general knowledge.  The library seeks to promote research activities that meet the informational, educational, religious, social and cultural interest of the faculty, students and staff.

To accomplish this mission, the MUAS provides:

  1. Well-organized, developed, and relevant collections of primary and secondary materials.
  2. Organized and accessible collections of audiovisual materials and online database.
  3. Competent and professional staff to assist users and carry out the responsibilities of acquisition, organizing, and disbursement of resources.
  4. Adequate hours of operation to ensure accessibility to users.
  5. Professional instruction in the utilization of all services and resources.
  6. Coordination of the administration, faculty, staff, and students concerning library resources and services on campus.

To serve you better, the Library personnel invite you to visit and read LIBRARY USER’S MANUAL.