Education Department

Head of Department: Ei Ei, BA; B Ed; MA Ed

Faculty Members – Full Time
Birdie Sein, BS; MA Ed; MA Ed
Chit Nyunt, BLA; MA Ed
Kyi May Win, BA; MA Ed
Lalchhanhimi, BLA; MA
Sharon Thein, BA; MA Ed
Suak khaw Ngin, MTC; BA; MA Ed
Awa Lone Kone, BA; MA (progressing)
Tin Kyi, BA

Programs Offered
Bachelor of Elementary Education (BE Ed)
Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA Ed)
Minors: General Teaching Emphasis
Elementary Education
Certificate: Elementary School Teaching Certificate

Mission Statement
The Department of Education exists to provide excellent and quality Christian education to student who would be future teachers and parents for intelligent training with the necessary skills reflecting Christian values.

At the end of the training, students are expected to:
 To prepare students to oversee the Christian education program of a local church and to develop lay ministries within the church setting.
 To develop a philosophy of Christian education based on the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
 Integrate biblical values in his life and teaching.
 To inform students of the latest trends, theories and creative teaching methods in the field of Christian education.
 To assist the students in the integration of theory and practice, faith and learning which will result in effective evangelism and Christian nurture within the church.
 To prepare students to become qualified school teachers well equipped with techniques especially suited to the different levels of children.
 Participate as a useful citizen of the country and exhibit a general understanding of and support of the SDA educational program.

1. A prospective student have completed accredited Higher Secondary School Certificate (G-12)
2. Demonstrate word processing proficiency.
3. English Proficiency Test with a score of 65 %.

To complete the program and be awarded the Bachelor degree in Education, a candidate must satisfactorily meet the following requirements:
1. Complete a minimum of 131 semester units of course work.
2. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 or “C”.
3. Must be a Master Guide Graduate.
4. The Department prepares student for the Denominational Teaching Certificate required of
Seventh-day Adventist school teachers.

Students majoring in Elementary Education are exempted from taking any minor requirements. They must fulfill departmental work hours, all the general requirements and major requirements to be candidates for graduation.

Departmental Work Hours
All who majoring in Education are required to complete 250 hours of practical work education related activities under the direct supervision of the department faculty by the end of the first semester of the senior year. All students minoring in Elementary Education are required to complete 150 hours with the same setting as majoring.

Practical hours may be done in the elementary level in Ayarwaddy Adventist Seminary as assistant teachers in particular classes for two semesters as soon as they start their 4th year of study. The balance may be met by other teaching related assignments such as teaching in 3R’s, Branch Sabbath School, Children Sabbath School Division of MAC&S or AYAS and preschool (Kabar Thit) as assistant teacher, etc, as approved by the Department Head.

Field Trips
All students majoring or minoring in the Education are required to go on departmental field trips arranged by the concerned classes.

Bachelor in Elementary Education Degree (B. E. Ed) Requirements:
This degree may be earned by completing the following:

Basic Education Courses 41 (14 units overlap in major subjects)

Concentration Courses
English 13
Religion 14
Social Studies 11
Science Courses 13
Required Core Courses 48
Cognate Courses 5
Total Required Hours 131

EDLS 261 Elementary School Library (2)
PSYC 321 Educational Psychology (3)

English: 13 units
ENGL 205 Introduction to English Literature (3)
ENGL 215; 216 English Composition (4)
ENGL 306 Children’s Literature (3)
ENGL 402 English Usage (3)

Religion: 14 units
RELB 105 Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ (3)
RELB 203, 204 Christian Belief and Contextualized Witnessing (4)
RELB 282 Spirit of Prophecy and SDA Church History (3)
RELB 291, 292 Apocalyptic Literature (4)

Social Studies: 11 units
SOCI 132 Introduction to Social Studies (3)
GEOG 213 World Geography (2)
HIST 247 History of Myanmar & World Civilization (3)
GEOG 314 Geography of the Southeast Asia (3)

General Science: 13 units
BIOL 101 General Biology (3)
PHSC 101 Fundamentals of Physical Science (2)
ENVR 201 Environmental Science (2)
MATH 201 Probability and Statistics (2)
MATH 202 Elementary School Mathematics (2)
HOSC 115 Clothing Fundamental (2)
ELED 145 Preparing and Evaluation of Instructional Materials (2)

CORE COURSES: 48 units
ELED 141 Introduction to Teaching (3)
ELED 143 Arts and Crafts Methods (2)
ELED 150 Pre-school Methods (3)
ELED 201 Introduction to Elementary School Mathematics (2)
EDUC 212 Classroom Management (2)
ELED 244 Methods of Teaching Music (2)
ELED 252 Methods of Teaching Science (2)
ELED 258 Methods of Teaching Social Studies (3)
ELED 304 Elementary Directed Teaching I (3)
ELED 305 Elementary Directed Teaching II (3)
ELED 311 Language Arts Methods (3)
ELED 316 Methods of Teaching Bible & Religion (2)
PSYC 332 Child Psychology & Inclusive (Special needs) (3)
ELED 331 Methods of Teaching Mathematics (3)
EDUC 354 Methods for Integrating Instructional Technology (3)
EDUC 405 Classroom Testing & Evaluation (3)
ELED 415 Reading Methods (3)
ELED 452 Elementary Directed Teaching III (3)
ELED 471 Elementary School Administration (3)
* Basic Education Requirements

Cognate Work
A minimum of 250 hours of practical work in the following departments: (1) Elementary school class rooms; (2) Children Sabbath School; (3) Pathfinder Club & (4) Nursery school.

For detail information about the Education Department and its program, refer to MUAS Bulletin.