PHIL 251 Introduction to Philosophy (2)
A survey course covering the various philosophized schools of the world from ancient days to the present time.

PHIL 282 Logic (2)
An introductory course to help the student acquire working knowledge on the basic principles of reasoning, covering language deduction and induction.

RELIGION – Theological Studies
RELB 225 Jesus and the Gospels (3)
A comprehensive study of the life and teachings of Jesus as unfolded in the four Gospels with analytical attention to the gospel writers and their writing in an attempt to reveal the impact of His self-revelation on that age and ours.

RELB 301, 302 Advanced Apocalyptic Literature (2, 2)
An advanced study of the Apocalyptic Literature concentrated on the book of Daniel and

RELB 316 Advanced Study in Spirit of Prophecy (3)
Advanced study of the counsels given in the Spirit of Prophecy and the principles of interpretation for Spirit of Prophecy that provides a guide to solving the problems of everyday living.

RELB 325, 326 Pauline Epistles (3, 3)
An exegetical study of the Epistles of the New Testament and their background, to appreciate the theological concepts that guided the Christian church in its infancy.

RELB 401, 402 Hebrew Prophets (3, 3)
A study of the prophetic tradition as a creative force in the Old Testament times with specific investigation of individual prophets from the viewpoint of their major concepts and teachings. Emphasis is placed on the relevance of the prophets for today.

RELB 405, 406 Christian Theology (3, 3)
A concentrated study of the leading theological concepts of the Bible.

RELB 412 Sanctuary Service (3)
A study of Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuary services with special emphasis on the principles of the plan of salvation and their bearing on Adventist Theology.

RELB 415 Pentateuch (3)
This course deals with exegetical-theological studies of the first five books of the Old Testament commonly known as the Pentateuch (Five Scrolls). The Jews, to which these five books were originally given, call them collectively as the Torah.

RELB 416 Eschatology (3)
Adventist approach to a study of last things such as second coming of Christ, Judgment of God, the kingdom of God, Millennium, Son of Man, and Day of the Lord.
RELB 417 The Book of Hebrews (2)
Verse by verse study of the high priestly ministry of Jesus Christ in the heavenly Sanctuary.

RELB 481 Hermeneutics (3)
An examination of the formation of sound principles of Biblical interpretation with application of selected texts.

RELB 495, 496 Seminar in Religion (1 to 4)
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head
Group discussion of selected themes from Christian and non-Christian religions. Active participation with presentation of Scholarly papers is expected from each student. A maximum of four hours of credit may apply toward graduation.

RELB 497, 498 Research in Religion (1 to 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head
Research into Christian and non-Christian religions under the guidance of the Department Head. The student is expected to defend his findings before the department staff. A maximum of three hours of credit may apply toward graduation.

RELB 499 Readings in Religion (2)
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head
A consideration of the works of selected theologians past or present. Copious reading of the sources with critical evaluation is required of the student. Open only to Religion majors with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in their major field.
RELIGION – Apply Theology
RELP 162 Introduction to Youth Ministry (2)
It is designed for the benefit of youth leaders and young pastors. The emphasis is placed on the purpose of youth work, the principles and the practical insights for motivating young people in the ministry.

RELP 215 Personal Evangelism (3)
Prerequisite: RELB 101, 102
A study and practice of the techniques of personal work in evangelism and the dynamics of witnessing the gospel in a small group or one to one basic. Laboratory work is as needed.

RELP 351; 352 Fundamental and Methodology of Preaching (3, 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head
An introduction to the principles governing sermon construction and the development of a theology of preaching. Careful attention is given to the structuring of various types of sermons as well as to the dynamics of delivery styles. Giving training in the preparation and delivery of sermons for worship and evangelism. Laboratory work is as needed.

RELP 286 Worship and Church Music (2)
A study of the role of hymns and music in Christian worship and Biblical Principles of worship appropriate to our time and place in view of modern liturgical trends.
RELP 329 Healing Ministry and Natural Remedies (3)
A study of God’s main purpose for establishing His church and the church’s responsibility towards her surrounding community with emphasis on medical missionary work and a hands-on study of treating diseases through the agencies of nature following the guidelines as outlined in the Spirit of Prophecy and with confirmation of scientific studies.

RELP 342 Youth Counseling (2)
It is designed for educating and counseling the youth in day to day life as involving in the ministry.

RELP 364 Introductions to Pastoral Ministry (3)
A study of the basic principles underlying the work of the pastor or evangelist as a leader of worship counseling and organizing the local church.

RELP 372 Principles and Process of Church Growth (2)
A study of the strategies, methods, principles and process of church growth in the context of Seventh-day Adventist Theology of Evangelism.

RELP 384 Field Visitations (3)
Prerequisite: RELP 216
Practical experience in home visitation and Bible study.

RELP 411 Mission Anthropology (2)
Principles and findings of anthropology applied to the task of the missionary to facilitate cross-cultural communications.

RELP 462 Church Administrations, Stewardship and Finance (3)
Prerequisite: RELP 364
A study of principles and strategies to develop and effective Bible based leadership style in Adventist Denomination and church financial structure with emphasis on Budget, accounting of funds, and keeping of accurate receipts and financial records at the local church level.

RELP 464 Field Evangelism (3)
Prerequisite: RELP 216; RELP 351-352
Participation as an assistant in the evangelistic campaign under the supervision.

RELP 481 Pastor’s Personal Formation (3)
A study of a pastor’s spiritual formation, life and concern management professional ethics, personal stewardship and finance.

RELP 482 Pastoral Counseling (3)
A study of the role of the Pastor as a personal counselor in a variety of situation related to the ministry of the church. Field works as needed.

RELIGION – Biblical Languages
RELL 201 – 202 Biblical Greek (3, 3)
Introduction to the fundamentals of the grammar and syntax, vocabulary, and translation of the Koine Greek of the New Testament. Practice in the use of language tools.

RELL 203 – 204 Biblical Hebrew (3, 3)
Introduction to the fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew grammar, structure, alphabet, and basic vocabulary. Practice in the use of language tools. Readings in selected Hebrew texts.

RELL 361 Greek Reading (3)
The familiarity of Greek texts and the development of reading for interpretative ability in Greek.

RELL 381 Hebrew Reading (3)
The familiarity of Hebrew texts and the development of reading for interpretative ability in Hebrew.

RELIGION – Religious History
RELH 203 Biblical Archaeology (3)
A study of Archeological materials in the Bible lands which illuminate the meaning authenticity and accuracy of the Bible.

RELH 243 The Rise of Modern Adventism and History of SDA Church in Asia (3)
A study of the origin and development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church from the Millerite movement to the present day, and a study of the growth and spread of SDA Church in Asia.

RELH 301 History of Christian Church (3)
A survey of movement, tendency, doctrines and personalities in the Christian church from the apostolic days to the modern era.

RELH 487 History of the Church in Asia (2)
A summary of the Christian Church in Asia with special emphasis on its growth in Southeast Asia and in the Far East.
RELIGION – World Religion
RELR 282 Primitive Religions (3)
A study of the primitive religions and animistic religion found among the people in Myanmar.

RELR 316 Asian Religions (3)
A study of the history, beliefs, and practices of major living religions other than Judaism and Christianity. Field trips as arranged.

RELR 372 Buddhism (3)
Prerequisite: RELR 316 or Concurrent registration
A study of the teachings of Buddha and the various seats in Buddhism. Emphasis is placed on Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar and also the emphasis on the similarity and different between Buddhism and Christianity.

RELR 373 Tripidaka (3)
A study of Buddhist beliefs and philosophy which is found in Tripidaka.

RELR 374 Hinduism (3)
A study of the teaching of Hinduism from Vedic time to the present day. Include the impact of religions such as Jainism, Buddhism on contemporary Hinduism. Field trips as needed.

RELR 375 Islam (3)
A study of the teaching of Mohammed, the fundamental beliefs of Islam and survey of Islam in the countries of the world.

RELR 386 Philosophy of Religion (3)
A study of the relevance of religion in the life of the individual and community; traditional and contemporary arguments advanced for the reality of God, reality of religions experienced, the problem of evil, and the destiny of man.