Applied Arts

Re-offered the old program of Industrial Arts Minor

Head : Thein Dan,

Tin Lay, BA, MA; Thein Dan,

Mission Statement
Every graduate of MUAS is to be equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge to cope well with their future world.

This course endeavors to enable the students to:
1. Utilize the practical knowledge in their daily life.
2. Help meet the practical need of their family and community.
3. Use their own hands in building up their community.
4. Enrich the world through food production.
5. Care for the domestic animals properly.

Course requirement: Twenty-one semester units and 200 hours of practical work in the
related fields under the supervision of the department staff.

AAAG 105 Organic Farming 3
AAAG 152 Gardening and Vegetable Production 3
AAAG 251 Livestock farming 3
AAIA 201 Carpentry Fundamentals 3
AAIA 223 Maintenance Technology 2
AAIA 241; 242 Auto Mechanics 4
AAIA 252 Welding 2
AAHS 356 Food Processing & Preservation 3


AGCT 103 Introduction to Agriculture (2)
A general course to acquaint the students with the branches of farming that come under the name agriculture with an introduction to the many problems a farmer encounters. Laboratory and field trips as required.

AAAG 105 Organic Farming (3)
A course that acquaints students with natural ways of farming without using any chemicals; preparation manure and soil; introducing the students with problems and solutions farmers are likely to face. Lab and field trips as required.

AAAG 152 Gardening and Vegetable Production (3)
A course in vegetable gardening with a study on preparation, cultivation and fertilization of garden crops emphasizing the use of organic manure. Two lecture periods with one laboratory work.

AAIA 201 Carpentry Fundamentals (3)
A course on kinds of wood, the use of woodworking tools and the making of common wooden household items. One lecture, one or more laboratory periods per week as needed.

AAIA 241, 242 Auto Mechanics (2, 2)
Fundamental study on description, operating principles and minor servicing of automobile parts/systems. One lecture, one or more laboratory periods per week as needed.

AAIA 223 Maintenance Technology (2)
A practical course to build up skills required for the up-keep and maintenance of the school campus physical plant and facilities. One lecture, one or more laboratory periods per week as needed.

AAIA 252 Welding (2)
A study on the operation and application of the arc welding equipment using a typical joint design. One lecture and one laboratory period per week.

AAAG 251 Livestock Farming (3)
A study on the hygienic care and management of farm livestock, especially fowls and dairy cows, for home-industry purpose.

AAHS 356 Food Processing & Preservation (3)
A study of feasible ways to preserve food without using chemicals and over-processing with
home-grown vegetables, fruits, crops, and dairy products.