Fee Structures

Food Service
The College maintains a Food Service Department, which prepares and serves two balanced meals a day for dormitory students as well as faculty. Those who have medical problem should make a proper arrangement with Food Service Director to have specially prepared meals.

Meal Card System
A meal card system is used in the cafeteria. A user is charged with the number of meal cards withdrawn from the Business Office. A dormitory student must withdraw meal cards monthly with the minimum amount of Ks. 16,000 and maximum of Ks. 25,000.

Refundable Deposits
Certain deposits are required for security purposes. These deposits are refundable six working days after the time a student withdraws from the College and a financial clearance statement has been completed if there are no outstanding damage or loss claims that need to be settled. The major purpose of these deposits is if the student encounters problem in discipline which causes him/her to make unexpected trip for home or emergency case when impels the student to go home.

Fee Structures  
Monthly Fees       Kyats
Boarding: Meal Card
        Flat 23000
Hostel Rent    5,000
Light & Water    4,000
Tuition (16 units) Ks 2300 per hour/unit)  36,800
Furniture       1150
IT fee       1150
Library       1700
Medical       1150
Recreation (Sport)       1150
Publication & Year Book       1250
Semester Fees
Admission    3,000
Computer (per unit)   12,000
Development –  New Students   15,000
Examination   3,500
Other Fees
Change of Major/minor   3,000
Change of Course (per unit)       600
Re-examination   3,500
Late Registration (per day)       600
Challenge Test   3,500
English/Business Placement Test   3,000
Graduation 30,000
Transcript (re-issue)    5,000
Add or Drop a Class Petition (per course)       600
Comprehensive (per examination)   7,000

Security Deposit Required       Kyats
Ayarwaddy Mission 10,000.00
Central Myanmar Mission 20,000.00
Southeast Mission 20,000.00
Upper Myanmar Mission 50,000.00
Yangon Attached District 10,000.00

All fees stated in Myanmar Kyat.
All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
All fees are based on 2020-2021 academic year.