Department of English

Head of Department: Lalchhandami Sailo, BLA; MA

Lalchhandami Sailo, BLA, MA; Lal Suan Mawi, BBE; Ayemya Wai Htoo, BA Edu.

 To upgrade English as a second language and as a medium of instruction.
 To enable the students to acquire proper and standard usage of English in their respective fields.
 To improve their skills of communication with the emphasis primarily on efficient reading & writing and with secondary emphasis n speaking and listening.
 To instigate and nourish the students’ aesthetic appreciation of values and beauty found in literature as a whole.

Courses for which credit will not be counted towards English minor:
Placement Test – Is to be taken before the registration by all the fresher joining first year BA. The test covers eight parts of speech, basic levels of English knowledge, reading/listening and comprehension. 50 % is passing marks. Those who fail are required to take Remedial English.
ENGL 05 or 06 Remedial English 5 or 5
ENGL 131- 2 College English 6
ENGL 211 Introduction to Research Writing 2

English Minor Requirements – 24 units including a minimum of 14 upper division units. The required courses are:
ENGL 205 Introduction to English Literature 3
ENGL 215; 6 English Composition 4
ENGL 315 Grammatical Analysis 3
ENGL 402 English Usage 3
ENGL 455 English Linguistics 3
Prerequisite: ENGL 315 with a minimum grade of “C.”
Literature Electives 6
Language Electives 2

Cognate Requirement: Credit does not apply; Minimum grade of “C” is required.
ELED 241 Language Arts Methods 3
SEED 361 Methods of Teaching Secondary English 3
ENGL 202 Introduction to Oral Communication 1

Departmental Work Hours
A student who enrolled for the English Minor is required to complete 250 hours of work and activities that encourage the use and improvement of English Language such as joining the English Seminary, attending in the English Sabbath School class, working as a reader for an English teacher, as an assistant in any publishing work done in English or as a tutorial substitute (only a senior student) on certain occasions such as when a teacher is sick or on a leave.

Course Descriptions in English Language

ENGL 05 or 06 Remedial English
It is a non-credit course designed to help the students deficient in English Language and have failed in the placement test. It is a four-skill course with an emphasis on the use of correct grammar, understanding at the basic level of listening-speaking communication, reading comprehension and proper sentence constructions. The duration of the course is five months or one semester; however, if a student is still found deficient in the language skill at the end of the term, he/she is to repeat the course.

It is a five hours course with ten hours of total actual learning and at least five laboratory hours per week at the Millennium Center Language Laboratory and Library.

Skill Hours per Week
Listening 2
Speaking 3
Reading/writing 2
Grammar 3

ENGL 161 Listening & Speaking Communication (2)

ENGL 202 Introduction to Oral Communication (1)
A study of spoken English with an emphasis on day-to-day life expressions in an ordinary level of efficiency. Taking part in English Language Seminar and English Sabbath School Classes, enrolling as a member in First Certificate in English (FCE); can be counted as credit towards this course. One hour theory and two hour practicum is required.

ENGL 131 – 132 College English (3 – 3)
Prerequisite: College English Placement Test with passing Marks
A prerequisite for all the higher courses in English Department with minimum grade of “C”, it is designed to help students improve their English grammar, the uses of eight parts of speech, structure, with pre-intermediate level of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

ENGL 211 Introduction to Research Writing (2)
Pre-requisite ENGL 131 with C grade; Concurrent registration with ENGL 132
A study of basic research methods involving the use of library tools, outlining, documentation and format for doing research works such as term-paper, project, report and presentation.

ENGL 215; 216 English Composition (2; 2)
Pre-requisite: ENGL 131-132 with a minimum grades of “C”
A minimum grade of “C” in the subject is required for all the higher writing courses. A fundamental writing course dealing with vocabulary building, the principles of literary writing and composition, the organization of ideas in papers and projects, and the development of different individual styles in writing.

ENGL 315 Grammatical Analysis (3)
A detailed study of English grammar pertaining to the eight parts of speech, and various parts in sentence construction through diagramming.
ENGL 321 Creative Writing (2)
A study in the principles, techniques and various kinds of creative writing with emphasis placed on student production of original material. It is included the techniques and practice in writing of original stories and essays along with supplementary reading in contemporary literature. Field trip is arranged as needed.

ENGL 322 Expository Writing (2)
An intensive writing course aiming at vivid explanation and defining terms, ideas and things with clarity and precision, using the right words.

ENGL 331 News Writing (2)
Prerequisite: ENGL 215; 216 and Microsoft-word.
An introductory course in journalism dealing with the fundamentals of writing reports, news, public relation and magazine articles with practicum work in writing campus news and contributing to the school papers.

ENGL 402 English Usage (3)
Prerequisite: ENGL 315 with a minimum grade of “C”
A study of proper and correct English usages in writing and speaking in various situations.

ENGL 455 English linguistics (3)
Prerequisite: ENGL 315 with a minimum grade of “C”
A study of pronunciation, enunciation, and the basic principles and roles of linguistics in English language.

ENGL 491, 492 Projects in English (1 to 3)
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head
Individual projects of a practical nature as directed by the Department Head. A maximum of three hours of credit may apply toward graduation.

English – Literature
ENGL 205 Introduction to English Literature (3)
Prerequisite for all higher literature courses; a minimum grade of “C” is required.
An appreciative basic study of English literature from its beginning to the present day. Representative selections from outstanding authors.

ENGL 306 Children’s Literature (3)
This course focuses on the type and teaching of literature (poetry, verse, prose, drama) which are interesting, relevant and meaningful to children on the elementary level.

ENGL 325 American Literature (3)
A chronological study of major American writers before 1865 and the influences, trends, and philosophies that shaped the development of American literature of the colonial period, the age of reason and revolution, the romantic period, and the civil war, finishing with the writings of walt whitman.

ENGL 405 Asian Literature (3)
A study of selected literary masterpieces from Asia, in translation or written in English, from classical times to the present.

ENGL 412 Biblical Literature (3)
A study and analysis of the Hebrew poetry and prose along with their traditions and wisdom that render the Bible, its literary value and beauty.