Tuition & Fees

Financial Information

All the College expenses must be paid prior to the school opening day or during registration days. Monthly payment of the College fees should be regularly done during one week ahead of the month. Failure to his payment will require a student to work out an agreement with VPFA before the final examination. The following schedule of charges is provided so that students can calculate the cost of education in advance and make arrangements to finance their study program. The rates are adjusted annually to reflect changing economic conditions in the country. The College reserves the right to change the fees without notice. If you have any questions about financing, please call: #09255821036

MUAS is a not-for-profit institution that operates as an ongoing venture of faith. A portion of its income is derived from gifts and grants from those who believe in its mission and objectives. It also receives significant contributions and grants toward its operation and capital development from Myanmar Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists Church. Therefore the College management subsidizes the expenses of each student admitted to the College as the fees charged to the students do not meet even the operational expenses of the College.

Planning in Advance
Every student who applies for admission to the College is required to make a financial contact with the College for his educational expenses. This contact should be done with the VPAA and signed by the responsible parent or guardian before he/she is admitted in the College.