Office Administration Minor

Head of Department: Salome Shwe, BLA; MA

Lalchhanhimi, BLA; MA; Salome Shwe,BLA; MA; Aung Thura, BA; LCCI;
Thang Thawn Khai, BA (TESOL)

1. To provide the students with technical, liberal and ethical education
2. To instill essential constructive creativity that will enable the students to face challenges and handle them with self-confidence in the work field
3. To integrate personal, professional and social growth with empowering spiritual development

Entrance Examination
Vocabulary test before entering into the minor field.

Requirement: 27 hours including a minimum of nine upper division hours.

The required courses are:
CIS 202 Microsoft Excel 2
CIS 301 Page Maker 2
OFAD 151 Bookkeeping 3
ENGL 161 Listening & Speaking Communication 2
ENGL 215-216 English Composition I & II 4
[Pre-requisite: ENGL 131-132 with minimum “C” grades] Writing Elective 3
[Pre-requisite: ENGL 131-132 with minimum “C” grades] OFAD 303 Business English 2
[Pre-requisite: ENGL 131-132 with minimum “C” grades] OFAD 304 Business Correspondence & Communication 2
[Pre-requisite: OFAD 303 with minimum “C” grade] OFAD 405 Business Filing 2
[Pre-requisite: CIS 111, CIS 201, and CIS 202] OFAD 416 Office Procedure 3

Cognate: *CIS 111 Computer Keyboarding or Typewriting (Credit does not apply toward graduation)
*CIS 201 Microsoft Word (Credit does not apply toward graduation)

*CIS 111 and CIS 201 are expected to be completed before entering into the college or can be taken within semester/ at inter-semester during the first two college years or can be exempted by taking a challenge exam at the Seminary computer centre.

Departmental Work Hours: A student needs to complete 200 hours of work in various offices under
the supervision of the department head during the third and fourth years.

Field Trips
Students from Office Administration Department are required to take field trip(s) to denominational as well as non-denominational offices.


OFAD 151 Bookkeeping (3)
A comprehensive study of the principles of accounting emphasizing of data analyzing, recording, reporting, financial statement, and examining on generally accepted accounting principles and conventions.

OFAD 303 Business English (2)
Pre-requisite: ENGL 131-132 with a minimum grade of “C”
A study of functional rules used in speaking and writing, the grammar of communication emphasizing study, sentence structure, and writing craftsmanship.

OFAD 304 Business Correspondences & Communication (2)
Prerequisite: OFAD 303 Business English with a minimum grade of “C”
Principles of effective business communications. Writing business letters, reports, and minutes with correct and standard English.

OFAD 405 Business Filing (3)
Pre-requisite: CIS 111, CIS 201 and CIS 202
A study of the different systems and terminology of filling, concepts in management of records in business situation.

OFAD 416 Office Procedures (3)
This course aims to inculcate ideas and ideals with respect to secretarial proficiency and success. Emphasis is given to personality and character traits, general office relationship, initiative, office equipment, organization, communications, and transit, business reports, and other duties. Field trips as arranged.