Timetable for Term B, Second Semester 2020

Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary
Timetable for Second Semester,  Second Session (2020-2021)
January 22 – March 26, 2021
(Online/ Correspondence Class)
   Monday, Wednesday, Friday     Tuesday, Thursday  
TimeCourse No.Course TitleUnitsInstructor Course No.Course TitleUnitsInstructor
7:00-9:00 a.mENGL 5Remedial English I(Reading, Listening)6alk      
ENGL06Remedial English II (Listening, Reading)5ZLM ENGL 5Remedial English I(Reading, Listening)6alk
HOC220Myanmar Traditional Food Preparation3TK ENGL06Remedial English II (Listening, Reading)5ZLM
RELP352Fund. & Methodology of Preaching3MST HLED121Principles of Health1MP
ACCT406Management Accounting3DLT HOSC202Flower Arrangement2TK
ENGL 412Biblical Literature3CH AAIA242Auto Mechanics2TD
EDUC471Organization & Administration of School3PTN RELP372Principles & Process of Church Growth2PTN
RELR372Introduction to Buddhism3SK ELED495Seminar in Elementary Education 1-3ee
RELP364Introduction to Pastoral Ministry3RPF      
9:00-11:00 a.mENGL5Remedial English Level I (Speaking)5T Li ENGL5Remedial English Level I (Speaking)5T Li
MUCT101Fundamental of Music (A)1st MUCT101Fundamental of Music (B)1st
HLED112Anatomy and Physiology3hl IVED103Work Ethics1TKW
ENGL131College English3amwh ACCT152Accounting Principles5nam
ACCT152Accounting Principles5nam BUAD205Business Communication2kck
MAT201Probability and Statistics3SS ENGL216English Composition II2it
ACCTY252Intermediate Accounting3AMS CHEM371General Chemistry2hl
EDUC301Philosophy of Adventist Education3it ENGL201,202Oral Communication1amwh
RELH301History of the Christian Church3PKS RELB292Apocalyptic Literature (Revelation)2KWKK
MGMT308Material Management3MZT      
BUAD400International Business3DLT      
EDUC426Guidance and Counseling3SKN       
   Monday, Wednesday, Friday     Tuesday, Thursday  
TimeCourse No.Course TitleUnitsInstructor Course No.Course TitleUnitsInstructor
11:00-1:00 p.mEDUC141Introduction to Teaching3ee      
EDUC210Integration of Faith and Learning3SKN OHED101Orientation1smp
RELB225Jesus and the Gospels3T Li CIS112Word Processing2MKT
HOSC225Embroidary3mw ENGL211Intro. To Research Writing2it
PSYC321Educational Psychology3TD HLED224Health Education & Promotion2MP
ENGL325American Literature3lchm ELED252Method of Teaching Science2tts
RELB326Pauline Epistles3PTN AAIA261Basic Electronic2TNO
ENTR330Small Business Management3kck ENGL306Children’s Literature2lchm
ELED331Method of Teaching Mathematics3tts      
RELR373Worldviews & Spirituality of Buddhism3SK      
EDUC405Classroom Testing and Evaluation3mmt      
MGMT410Total Quality Management3szah      
RELP462Church Admin, Stewardship & Finance3TL      
1:00-3:00 p.mENGL 5Remedial English I( Writing,  Grammar)6alk ENGL 5Remedial English I( Writing,  Grammar)6alk
ENGL 6Remedial Englsih Level II (Speaking skill)5T Li ENGL 6Remedial Englsih Level II (Speaking skill)5T Li
ENGL132College English (A)3amwh MYMA101Myanmar Language and Culture2ee
ENGL132College English (B)3mmt AAAG152Vegetable Production2TL
RELH203Biblical Archaeology3PKS HLED231Community Health2kst
HOSC241Food and Nutrition3kst EDLS261Elementary School Library2nb 
ELED258Method of Teaching Social Studies3kmw CIS301In-Design2MKT
HOSC311Advanced Clothing I3kzo ELED316Method of eaching Bible and Religion2st
RELR375Intro. to Islam 3SK ENGL321Creative Writing2lchm
RELB412Sanctuary Services3PTN      
B”UAD426Business Policy & Strategy3szah      
RELP482Pastoral Counseling3CH      
3:00-5:00 p.mENGL 6Remedial English II( Writing,  Grammar)6ZLM      
AAIA201Carpentry Fundamentals3SYT ENGL 6Remedial English II( Writing,  Grammar)6ZLM
RELR282Primitive Religion3SK MYMA102Myanmar Language and Culture2TK
HOSC303Home Management3TK ELED493Problem in Elementary Education1-3kmw
HOSC312Advanced Clothing II3kzo      
HLED441Field Practicum3hl,kst, MP      
BUAD424Professional Internship3nam      

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