Further Information on English Placement Test


Deadline for the submission of student’s name and email for the placement test: 6 pm June 10, 2020.

Second date for English Placement test: August 20, 2020, Thursday. Deadline for the submission of student’s name and email: 6 pm August 17, 2020, Monday.


Depending on the number of candidates, students will be grouped into 30-40 per group. Each group will be given 2 hours for the exam. The schedule of each group will be arranged and posted by the afternoon of June 10, 2020. (exact time e.g. 9-11 am). Those students who have not taken trial test, please make sure to contact Saya McKay Thein at 09260214343 (individually) as soon as you see this notice. 


  • Grammar 100 multiple choice Questions (60 minutes).
  • Transformation of sentences 10 questions 30 (minutes).
  • Reading Comprehension 40 (minutes).
  • Paragraph Writing 30 minutes.

The questions will be combined as one (no separate parts).

Editing time (Allotted time: maximum of 3 hrs.)


Only those who pass the written test will be informed at 10:00 am, June 14 and invited to have an interview online at 1:00 pm on the same date June 14, 2020.


Result will be informed to every student who has taken the test via individual email by 1:00 pm, June 15, 2020.

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