Field Visitation and Evangelism, 2017

At MUAS, evangelism has been the core of its existence and mission. The last summer of March to May 2017, sixteen students from Religion Department led by Saya Samuel Khin, the Religion Department Head, went for field visitation and conducted field evangelism at several villages such as Myin Ka Kwin Village, Wa Bo Taung Village, Ka Nyin Chaung Villages and   other nearby villages.

The initially planned to conduct evangelism meeting to those villages was not successful for some reasons, not from our end. However, that did not stop the team members raring to use their God-given talents for His mission. The team members that composed with various talents started their field evangelism activities at Myin Ka Kwin village. There, they taught English Speaking Class, Basic Computer Learning, Karen Traditional Dance, Basic Guitar Course Training, and gave Health Talks to a total of two hundred students attending class of their choice from the above classes. Their original plan to stay at Myin Ka Kwin village was twenty days only, but the Lord was at work as well, that the head of the village requested the team to prolong their stay for two months. It was sad that “we could stay with them for only a month and half,” said the Religion Department Head, Saya Samul Khin. When ask about the methods of field evangelism, he said that “before teaching, we shared them about the message from the Bible stories in every class. After that, we began to teach English Grammar in the morning and Speaking in the afternoon and Karen Traditional Dance at night. Unfortunately, we did not have enough Computers, so we had to divide three periods.  On Sabbath day, we had worship, and taught some Bible Action Songs at the house of the only SDA church member, Mr. Mhan S’ Mway. On the Sabbath afternoon, we invited all the parents to come and see the activities and performances of their children. After a month of teaching and training, we conducted the Health Talks for ten nights. Our young people from MUAS participated in every night. They shared about the health talks and Bible stories every night. Many people came to listen to the Health Talks”.

While they were conducting community activities in Myin Ka Kwin village, some of the team members were also teaching English Speaking Classes at Wah Bo Taung village and Ka Nyin Chaung village. Although it was intended for a ground preparation for evangelism meeting, they were not allowed the team to conduct evangelism meeting, thus, carried out the Adventist Health Message instead. God is at work through these devoted young people. As a result of their effort to share the love of God and fervent prayers, three souls; two souls from Wah Bo Taung village and one soul from Ka Nyin Chaung village accepted Jesus as their personal savior and got Baptized by Myaungmya District Pastor Aung Nay Lin.

Saya Samuel Khin termed the summer field visitation and evangelism as a “success”. He also reflected that “it was about God that we could accomplish in every particular moment of our visitation and field evangelism. I believe when the power of the Holy Spirit and our devoted spirits taking part in soul winning meet together, nothing is impossible. We used Christ’s way of reaching people”.  He also made an appeal to all the readers of this report that “the City of Myaungmya will be our next target for field visitation in this coming summer, 2018. Remember to pray for church planting, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the mission workers, discipleship training and vehicle for visiting transportation. Many students from Myin Ka Kwin and Wa Bo Taung villages are willing to pursue Adventist Education, but they do not have the mean. You and I could be their bridges to Adventist Education”. Let us help them in any way we can. You may enjoy some of the photos from the field visitations report.

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